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DHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships

Visit to Trenton

Spearheaded by: Pastor Gwendolyn Ann Cook

Spiritual, Community & Political Leaders gathered together in Trenton's Acting Mayor George Muschal's Office in  City Hall on Friday March 21, 2014.  This meeting was to address the plight of the city with White House Represenatives for the DHS Center for Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships. 

The gathering was organized by Community Activiest Pastor Gwendolyn Ann Cook who reached out to the White House upon receiving a call enlisting her help to  assist Trenton as she did with Camden in getting an audience from Washington.

Pastor Gwen was assisted with this endeavor by Minister Angeline Dean who has strong ties to Trenton and works alongside of many of Trenton's Clergy and Political Leaders due to her relationships throughtout the city wity PICO.