Female Youth-At-Risk Mentoring Program

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"Human Sex Trafficking Advocate"    

"So it is not the will of my Father who is in Heaven that one of these little ones should perish."

"Behind Every Great Woman, There is Another

Great Woman!"

We Believe in "Saving a Life, One Girl at a Time!"

  Mentoring Is Transforming

Gwendolyn Ann Cook lives in Vineland, New Jersey;  she is the Founder/President of "WWITS" a Female Youth-At-Risk Mentoring Program.  The Program is designed to assist female teenage girls who are dealing with behavioral related issues.  The Program places special emphasis on providing our girls who are in an Alternative School environment and those who are incarcerated at the Hayes Secure Care facility for female youth located in Bordentown, New Jersey.

WWITS's Youth-At-Risk Mentoring Program offers certified training for   women and teenaged females who desire to impact the lives of others. Presently the Program provides individual mentoring for incarcerated youth with hopes of helping to prepare them for their re-entry back into their communities.  Gwen is no stranger to the streets of Camden, Atlantic City and Philadelphia, where she frequently patrols in search of women and teenage girls bound by the spirit of prostitution, as well as drug addiction.  She ministers under a persuasive anointing, which results in many committing themselves to a detox facility, in hopes of staying clean.  Gwen passionately works throughout several communities in South Jersey to combat the criminal act of human sex trafficking/sex exploitation against our children. She has partnered with the FBI in hopes of bringing awareness to community residence by hosting presentations in schools and churches.  Her hopes and prayers are that more people will learn the key indicators of human trafficking, and the first step in identifying victims which can help save a life.

She is a Community Activist, Author, Television Hostm an Inspirational International Speaker and a Law Enforcement Chaplain.  Gwen, Co-Pastors "Instruments Of Righteousness Evangelistic Ministries alongside her husband Jonathan.  Over the past several years she has been instrumental in coordinating the March for Jesus in Camden, NJ.  She is an active member of the National Day of Prayer and the New Jersey Coordinator for the "White House Prayer Initiative,"  which mobilizes churches to assemble for prayer on the south side of the White House lawn in our Nation's Capital; the Saturday following the Annual National Day of Prayer.

Pastor Gwen has also partnered with the Center for Faith-based  Neighborhood and Partnerships; a Department within the White House.  As an acting liaison for this particular department within the White House, she has represented a broad and diverse interfaith network of spiritual and community leaders, in addition to a number of public officials.  In 2012  she was instrumental in bringing White House Officials to Camden in order to meet with Mayor Dana Redd and Chief, John Scott Thomson, along with members from the Faith-Base Community.  The meeting opened   the door for Camden to receive Government Funding.  In 2014, she was successful in organizing another meeting with spiritual and political leaders in Trenton, N.J., in order to obtain federal support and funding for this particular city as well.  Gwen has authored (3) books, and she hosted a weekly broadcast entitled the, "Battle for Life" on ION Television and she was a previous host on the, "Praise the Lord" & "Joy In Our Town" segments for the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).


Gwendolyn Ann Cook, Founder/President